Hate Mail


Hate Mail

Here I’ll highlight some of the comments and DM’s directed at RagingTeabagger. I’ll keep this post updated as they come in. Also be sure to check out the RagingTeabagger FAQ for more info how my white trashidness came to be.

@Puekaw10 You seem to put your self before everyone!
Well, I am a teabagger.

@nate_nelson That condescending little caricature you paint of the Tea Party in your FAQ — do you really believe it?You mean do I really believe the tea party votes against their own best interests? That they hypocritically accept the very same services they are always screaming about? That they are from Shithole Backwoods, USA? No, I don’t believe any of that, hell I think you guys are just swell.

@Winghunter Patriots! Check your followers list for spies…No joke.RagingTeabagger is a covert spy onĀ  a mission, you got me.

@Winghunter Try that insult out in public – BUT, we know you’re not that psychotic, don’t we.A threat from a genuine teaparty member? Well I never!

@ConTchr mocking pig. racist. you mock the living God. you will go down. count on it.
I’ll go down alright, on my sweet sweet sister.

@Artie_B BLOCK >>>> @RagingTeabagger Leftwing Troll
Check out this guys mug, he’s giving RagingTeabagger’s avatar a run for his money!

@Tom__Paine patently offensive. Go ahead, make fun of the white working class rather than organizing them. The rich r the enemy
You assume I’m working?

@PcolaBucsfan did your mom have any kids that lived
Yes, all 10 of my brothers and sisters are still alive and my mom/aunt (we just call her aunty mom) is still doin’ really well. The family keeps getting bigger but the trailer stays the same size, go figure.

@billycrop Man you are crazy!!!
I like to think of myself as raging but yeah, that too.

@GregWHoward The fact that anyone actually RT’s @RagingTeabagger should be all the excuse you need to block them forever
I’m with you dude.. F that guy!

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