Fox News viewers are real patriots


Fox News viewers are real patriots

In response to stories like Hurricane Irene or the DC quake on the Fox News web site, viewers took the opportunity to voice their opposition to Obama and his socialist policies. Many readers expressed concern over Obama’s vacation from the basement of their moms house, known for their patriotism these comments reflect what real Americans think.

“If anyone could make the whole eastern seaboard tremble it’s Obama” exclaimed one patriot, said another “that’s the rumble of Obama’s Marxist troops coming for your guns!” Did Obama blame George W Bush for the damage done to the Washington monument? Whose “fault” is it? Fox News viewers want to know.

Sometimes opinions alone cannot fully convey the point of how these patriots really feel. With a lot of time on their hands due to Obama’s job killing agenda researching sites like drudgereport, newsmaxx and to cite non-partisan facts on global warming, ACORN and Planned Parenthood’s “90% of what they do is abortion” only serve to bolster their credibility.

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