Caption Contest Winner “poor people do this EVERY WEEK?”


Caption Contest Winner “poor people do this EVERY WEEK?”

poor people do this EVERY WEEK?Congratulations to Ian Colthart on the highest rated caption (see post title). There are over 900 comments, lots of great stuff, check out the thread here

Other honorable mentions, in order of likes:

Victoria Flores I was going to let my personal assitant shop…but I shipped her job to China

Kemi Chavez ‎”left, right, smile; left, right, wave; left, right, blink”

Shelly Amber Soda, cookies, mom jeans….Did i forget something? Oh yeah, I left my pride and dignity on isle 7

William Lopez, HEEEHE I paid no taxes on the groceries , feel almost as good as when I skip taxes on my income !

Ian Ruppenthal ,‎”Maybe this will make me look less rich and more like the peasants!”

Steve Ferguson, ‎”The shit I have to do to make people believe I’m human. What’s a debit card miss? ”

Autumn Skye Wade, ‎”See? I am just like you.” *insert coin to continue operation*

Gabriella Schleinkofer, ‎”The stuff I have to go through to pretend I’m not a filthy rich, spoiled guy out of touch with reality”

Rick Hanlon II, Tomorrow: “I never went grocery shopping. Despite the lies from the liberal media, I was not shopping, I was clearly just pushing a cart full of items. That is clear in the photo being circulated, and anyone who claims otherwise is just attacking me to win votes. It’s shameful that people would stoop to that level to attack my character.”

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