Coal Miners Forced To Attend And Donate To Romney Event


Coal Miners Forced To Attend And Donate To Romney Event

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During a campaign event on August 14th at the Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio, miners were forced to stop work without pay, attend the event and even donate to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

On WWVA talk radio, host David Blomquist read e-mails from coal miners who work for the mine and interviewed Rob Moore, the Chief Financial Officer for Murray Energy Corporation to address the complaints by the miners.

“Yes, we were in fact told that the Romney event was mandatory and would be without pay, that the hours spent there would need to be made up my non-salaried employees outside of regular working hours, with the only other option being to take a pay cut for the equivalent time,” the employees told Blomquist. “Yes, letters have gone around with lists of names of employees who have not attended or donated to political events.”

“I realize that many people in this area and elsewhere would love to have my job or my benefits,” one worker explained. “And our bosses do not hesitate in reminding us of this. However, I cannot agree with these callers and my supervisors, who are saying that just because you have a good job, that you should have to work any day for free on almost no notice without your consent.”

“We do not appreciate being intimidated into exchanging our time for nothing. I heard one of your callers saying that Murray employees are well aware of what they are getting into upon hire, or that they are informed that a percentage of their income will go to political donations. I cannot speak for that caller, but this is news for me. We merely find out how things work by experience.” 8/28/2012

You can listen to the entire radio interview on the Huffington Post by clicking here.

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