Corporations Are “People” But Romney Is “Not A Business”


Corporations Are “People” But Romney Is “Not A Business”

As the calls for Mitt Romney’s tax returns show no sign of letting up, his latest defense for the unprecedented move of only releasing one full year of tax returns, is to claim the he is not a business during a recent interview with BloombergBusinessWeek.

“I’m not a business,” Romney answered. “We have a process in this country, which was established by law, which provides for the transparency which candidates are required to meet. I have met with that requirement with full financial disclosure of all my investments, but in addition have provided and will provide a full two years of tax returns.”

“This happens to be exactly the same as with John McCain when he ran for office four years ago,” he continued. “And the Obama team had no difficulty with that circumstance. The difference between then and now is that President Obama has a failed economic record and is trying to find any issue he can to deflect from the failure of his record.”

Only when Mr. Romney was being considered for VP under John McCain, he released over 23-years worth. During the Republican primaries, Romney made the claim that corporations are people during a campaign stop.


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