Defiant Akin Vows To Stay In Race – Blames Liberal Media


Defiant Akin Vows To Stay In Race – Blames Liberal Media

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As calls from from both sides of the aisle to step down echoed across the country, a defiant Todd Akin is vowing to fight on. Taking to the air to release an apology as well as making an appearance on Conservative pundit Sean Hannity’s radio show, Mr. Akin chose to let the deadline for dropping out of 5:00 PM yesterday pass.

Mr. Akin has also made a call to his base by taking to Twitter to blame the “liberal media” for trying to make him drop out, despite calls from even the most Conservative republicans. He is also using this tactic in an effort to raise money.

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Receiving support from Conservative pundit Mike Huckabee, Mr. Akin used the friendly platform to further clarify his remarks.

“I believe the defense of the unborn and a deep respect for life, which underlie all of America, those are important parts of who we are. And they’re not things to run away from,” Mr. Akin said on the radio program hosted by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

According to, on the eve of the Republican National Convention, the embarrassing spectacle of the party’s top figures trying to get the winner of a state primary to quit his race moves into a new phase. If Akin drops out by Sept. 25, his name can still be removed from the ballot, though with a court order. The two-week rule on naming a replacement would still apply.

After Sept. 25, Akin’s name remains on the ballot, regardless of whether he’s actively running. An alternate Republican could run as a write-in.

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