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Fox News: First Lady Hints Women Will Die Of Cancer If Romney Wins

Written by Eric on August 17, 2012.

Actually, The first lady pointed out that the Affordable Care Act was in part an effort to expand health care access, including a hypothetical “woman dying of cancer whose insurance company wouldn’t cover her care.”

However, that didn’t stop Fox News’ Michelle Malkin from spinning it to fit their own narrative.

“Well, it’s an interesting parallel — it’s an interesting echo of the ad’s theme, of course, which is that somehow, if Republicans are elected to the White House, that all of these people are going to die, die, die.” 8/16/2012

Later, on America’s Newsroom, Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said, “We’ve got President Obama’s supporters and even Michelle Obama saying that if you vote for the Republicans, people will get cancer.”

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