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Ignorance is Bliss for Republicans

Written by Brian Hoffer on August 28, 2012.

On the way to school this morning, I decided to flip on the radio and listen to my local AM station. At that point, Laura Ingraham was talking, having moved her show to Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention. In a short span of ten minutes, I heard all of the following questions/accusations (paraphrased, anyway):

  • Why isn’t Obama doing everything he can to help the South with Hurricane Isaac’s arrival, instead of campaigning?
  • Obama is the Campaigner in Chief, on the road nonstop getting support instead of doing his job.
  • Hurricane is going to ruin crops, as has the drought. Of course, Al Gore would say this is global warming. (laughs)

Deflecting comparisons to Katrina much? Admittedly, the horrible response after Katrina wasn’t as much a fault of George W. Bush as it was an underfunded FEMA. Then again,the Republicans cut funding for that, so I guess they’re still to blame. In any case, what you’re asking for is having the President do what the various executive departments, both federal land state, are already doing. It’s like blaming the president for the entire fate of the economy; in reality the person in office is a relatively small factor in such things.

Campaigner in Chief? I seem to recall Mitch McConnell smiling as he said that the Republican’s goal for the next four years was to make Obama a one-term president. Of course Obama has needed o do a lot of campaigning – the Republicans have been doing it since day one! Even if it was a position they previously held, the Republicans refused cooperation, moving farther to the right and and hoping that a president hamstrung by Congress would be seen by voters as a bad president. And Obama’s horrible for taking so many vacation days – forget that Reagan and Bush II took far more by this point in their terms. Facts aren’t important.

Global warming again? We’ve had so many studies reporting the reality of this phenomenon that such views aren’t funny anymore. The Republicans may as well argue that the sun revolves around the Earth, not the other way around. The purpose of science is to understand the world around us, through continual testing of our ideas and hypotheses. If 99% of literature presents legitimate findings for a particular hypothesis, then it’s probably true. If you want to argue otherwise, PRESENT ACTUAL EVIDENCE. This can’t be done, but facts are just another pesky obstacle for Republicans to remove.

A week ago, a friend argued with me over Obama’s “You didn’t Build That” speech. I quite plainly explained what he said and the context, only to hear the words “I don’t care about the context”. This seems to sum up the Republican Party of today: forget what the facts say, and twist people’s emotions to keep them all in your little bubble.

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