Joe The Plumber Proposes We “Start Shooting” Immigrants


Joe The Plumber Proposes We “Start Shooting” Immigrants

During a fundraising dinner for Republican state senate candidate Lori Klein last Friday, Samuel Wurzlbacher (AKA Joe the plumber) made his personal feeling on border patrol clear.

“For years I’ve said, you know, put a damn fence on the border going to Mexico and start shooting. I’m running for Congress and that should be a bad thing to say. But you know what, it’s how I feel…I want my borders protected, I’m very very adamant about that.”

Mr. Wurzlbacher, who is running for Congress in Ohio, came to fame in the Republican party after asking Obama a question about small business taxes and appears to be catering to the extreme right wing of the party.

“I’m running for Congress. How many congressmen or people running for Congress have you heard, put a fence up and start shooting? None? Well you heard it here first. Put troops on the border and start shooting, I bet that solves our immigration problem real quick.”

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, (D-Ohio), who is running against Wurzelbacher and heavily favored to win, condemned his comments had this to say in response:”Joe, the Plumber’s comments have no place in a civil society,” she said in a statement. “A Member of Congress is sworn to uphold the Constitution, not to take the law into his own hands. He should take back his words and apologize to everyone who respects life, the Constitution and the rule of law.”


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