Paul Ryan Budget Plan “The Path to Prosperity” Paved By Poor And Middle Class


Paul Ryan Budget Plan “The Path to Prosperity” Paved By Poor And Middle Class

Paul Ryan has shot to stardom in the Conservative wing of the Republican party due to his radical budget cut proposals which, among others, includes Social Security, Medicare and essentially gutting most Government services. Also, citing religion and the founding fathers, all together it sounds something like a radical Conservative symphony.

“Our budget offers a better path, consistent with the timeless principles of our nation’s founding and, frankly, consistent with how I understand my Catholic faith. We put our trust in people, not in government. Our budget incorporates subsidiarity by returning power to individuals, to families and to communities.” (Georgetown University, April 2012)

Other elements of the budget plan would cut projected spending for Medicaid, which provides health care for the poor, as well as food stamps, student loans and other social programs that Obama and Democrats have pledged to defend.

In all, it projected spending cuts of $5.3 trillion over a decade, and cut future projected deficits substantially. This proposal comes as the country’s poor and middle class have seen unprecedented downfalls, with job losses and home foreclosures at record highs, many rely on Government services to overcome these hurdles. The Democrats will surely hit Mr. Ryan hard on these issues and he will have to sell the moderates and Independents on it.

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