President Obama: ‘Rape Is Rape’


President Obama: ‘Rape Is Rape’

Under scrutiny from Republicans for not taking press core questions, today Obama made a surprise appearance and fielded a variety of questions from Syria to the divisive tone of campaign ads. None of his responses, however, were more pronounced than his reaction to Republican Todd Akin’s statement regarding legitimate rape.

Calling Akin’s comments “way out there” Mr. Obama went on to say that defining rape “doesn’t make sense to the American people and doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Rape is rape,” Obama said at the White House press briefing. He called Akin’s comments “way out there.”

“What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, the majority of which are men, making decisions that affect health of women.”

Democrats have been on the offensive since this began, causing Republicans to rethink their options for running a different candidate against incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill. They only have until tomorrow evening to make that decision before it’s locked in.

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