Romney Was For It Before He Was Against It


Romney Was For It Before He Was Against It

Romney Gay RightsMr. Romney hasn’t always been anti-gay equality, in fact at one time he claimed to be “better than Ted [Kennedy] for gay rights” before he had to shift positions to appeal to the right-wing social conservatives of hit party. Tax returns not withstanding, his record on this issue goes back to the mid-nineties when he lost a Senate bid to Ted Kennedy where it openly tells the story of a much more progressive Romney.

Here’s a shortlist of issues Romney has changed positions on:

Global Warming
Assault Weapons
Auto Bailout

Source: The Washington Post

What we have not seen from Mr. Romney is a firm stance on a single position. It will change with the political breeze and he makes no bones about it, one must wonder how people can support a candidate who will not reliably stand up for what they believe in.


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