Sarah Palin: Replace Biden With Hillary


Sarah Palin: Replace Biden With Hillary

Sarah Palin took to the airwaves on Fox News to give her worldly advice to Democrats by recommending President Obama’s administration add Hillary Clinton to the ticket and get rid of Vice President Joe Biden.

“If that’s not the nail in the coffin, really, the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary. And I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning.”

Claiming that Biden is “dragging down the ticket” Mrs. Palin went on to attack Democrats on being divisive.

“Name one — name one prominent Republican who even comes close to what like the Alan Graysons, the Harry Reids, the Joe Bidens come up with and spew to the American public. I can’t think of one prominent Republican who talks the way that they talk and certainly wouldn’t get away with the way that they talk.”

The Obama administration has not yet responded.

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