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Tea Party Group Jokes About Founding Fathers Beating Obama To Death

Written by Eric on August 6, 2012.

A Pennsylvania Tea Party group,  Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776, sent out an email that includes a long “joke” with images and supposed quotes from America’s Founding Fathers that culminates in a “joke” about how the Founders beat President Barack Obama to death.

Think Progress’ Igor Volsky, in an exclusive report where you can see the entire email and an audio recording of his interview, notes:

ThinkProgress spoke with a member of the group, who confirmed that the organization sent out the mailing to its members. She explained that the missive was funny because it’s predicated on the notion that Obama “may be a Muslim.” NEPA Spirit Of 1776 appears to be an independent group that does not endorse candidates and is not aligned with the Republican party.

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