CNN: Two More Nights Like This Could Break This Race Wide Open


CNN: Two More Nights Like This Could Break This Race Wide Open

The DNC kicked off Tuesday night with a resounding bang. Opening with a well known Rahm Emmanuel, it was the lesser known, up and coming Democrats that stole the night. Deval Patrick took to the stage and lit the room up by coming out strongly against Romney, while calling for Democrats to unite.

“Mitt Romney talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed. I can tell you that Massachusetts was not one of them,” he said. “He’s a fine fellow and a great salesman, but as governor he was more interested in having the job than doing it.”

“It’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe.”

Next up was DNC Keynote speaker, Julian Castro, who unlike Marco Rubio, supports a path to citizenship and Obama’s recent immigration policy change that allows young people to avoid deportation if they satisfy a handful of criteria.

“Lift the shadow of deportation from a bunch of law-abiding immigrants called dreamers.”

He also spoke out against Romney’s silver spoon past.

“Governor Romney has no idea how good he’s had it.”

Both Patrick and Castro warmed the audience and country up for Michelle Obama, whose star power brought the house down and the crowd to its feet. Speaking about her and Mr. Obama’s humble upbringings, from sharing rooms with siblings to struggling to pay off student loan debt, Mrs. Obama’s speech resonated with the Democratic base.

Following the speech, CNN Republican contributor David Gergen said “two more nights like this could break this race wide open.”

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