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Ohio Poll: 15% Of Republicans Say Romney Deserved Credit For Killing Bin Laden

Written by Eric on September 10, 2012.

Courtesy Washington Post

PoliticalGroove does not have a WTF section, but if it did, this would certainly be the highlight. A recent Public Policy Polling has a new poll (pdf) out of Ohio showing Obama with his biggest lead since May. Given how hard it would be for Mitt Romney to win the White House without winning Ohio, that’s a big deal.

However, when voters were asked who they thought deserved more credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Obama or Romney. 63 percent said Obama, 31 percent weren’t sure, and 6 percent said Romney.

The results for Republican voters were even more astonishing. 38 percent said Obama, 47 percent weren’t sure, and 15 percent said Romney.

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