The Great Debate

ByAmanda Gynther

The Great Debate

The great debate was not so great… In fact, I was horrified by the performance of Obama. I want to like him. I truly do. I want to like him so badly I feel pain sometimes in my stomach when I see him on television. I think so highly of him as a father and a husband. I voted for him last time round…. I wanted him to be the great fixer…. I did not expect superman. I just expected someone passionate that would fight the crazy fringe lunatics driving us off a cliff. That was all….. I was tired of the failure going on in Washington. I wanted him to go in and put some new systems in place and run his game rather than continuing the failed policies of trickle down economics. I was stunned by the lack luster president that we got and I  was disturbed by the way my party has over the last four years moved further and further from me. They have left me behind in the dust. But I am one of those voters that put them where they are.


The debate tonight has ended and I am just sitting here processing the disappointment I am feeling. Truth is, in that debate both candidates lied rather severely, though Romney was worse with the dishonesty thing. Still, what Romney did or didn’t say is hardly what won the debate. Neither candidate really won…. But Obama, lost. And he would have lost with his behavior and demeanor, lacking in all fight and passion had Romney just been a silent and empty chair. This fact troubles me greatly because the past four years I find myself feeling like Obama, just rolls over and plays dead while Boehner, and the rest of his vile ilk of scum and villainy have a party bouncing around on Obama’s stomach. Since Obama, has been in office all he has done is disappoint and give way to crazies. He has done little besides compromising to the point that the lunatics are winning. In so doing he moves further and further to the right leaving me behind….


Tonight, I was hoping to see someone ready to take back the power. Someone ready to get up on his hind legs and stop playing nice. Someone prepared to take a swing at the lunatics to protect my future children from being taught that God did it in biology class. Someone that would stand up for me as a woman and make the morning after pill available over the counter. Someone moving actually to the left. What I saw was a passionless tired man that has done nothing but talk about fighting for the last four years while doing the opposite. I saw someone that was taking record amounts of money from the financial industry that crashed our economy. Someone trying to blame me in part for the troubles of our country when my mortgage is payed and I did everything right, yet I have had to spend the last four years banished to Europe, due to lack of work for my husband a highly trained professional with a PhD, and a military background to boot… What has Obama done for me? Absolutely nothing. He has been too busy pussying out of every fight. Just as he did tonight while the country goes further and further to right wing crazy land where the fanatics rule.


We are back in the USA now, but for how long? If we once again can’t find work, we may have to go back to Europe. Which will really upset me. I want to stay here. I am thirty two years old and I would like to produce children. It is very difficult to do that in countries where you don’t speak the language. Obama, not stepping into the ring, his failure to fight, is forcing me to hold back on my dream of being a mother. Though I own a house, though I have a highly trained and highly educated husband, though in any other part of the world, we could and did do quite well. My own home has become inhospitable to me and my own representatives have turned on me. They have refused to fight. This debate is just another example for me why Obama, does not deserve my vote again. He had a chance to make a difference. He chose to waste his time and play dead for a bunch of crazy people. And I paid the price as I continue to be childless and in a couple more months my husband will yet again be unemployed unless we find something for him soon. I am fed up and frustrated. Is it too much to ask of my representative to give voice to that frustration loudly and passionately, and is it too much to ask to have my representative fight for me? I don’t think it is. And I don’t think I should have to have an army of lobbyists in order to feel safe to have a baby in this country.


I have traveled all over the world. I have never seen such… lack of passion in any world leader or political figurehead anywhere. Not even in Finland, where they don’t run attack ads against each other…. Not anywhere. They all seem active and engaged and busy working for the people who put them where they are. They seem strong, well informed, and willing to put it all in to make their point, because their point is the  point of those they represent.


I want to have a baby Mr. President. So, you get up there and you fight for me so I can do that. Imagine your life without both of your beautiful daughters. How would you get through your day? But I get up every day wishing for a baby but not daring to have one because my husband a PhD in theoretical physics, can not find a damn job in this country and yes, we are and have always been happy to relocate in order to find work. It would be unfair to produce a child while unable to support it. It would be unfair for me to drop that load on society, and it would be unfair to drop that load on my future off spring. But there is also fairness to me. When will society be fair to me? I am getting older and older waiting and waiting holding off…. When, are you Mr President, going to get up on your hind legs and fight this insanity and put a new deal in place that is fair to me, so that I can have a child of my own, like the ones you have? Why is it that you should have such a luxury and I shouldn’t? You aren’t just up there representing and fighting for me. You are fighting for those beautiful daughters of yours too. I know, if I were fighting for the child I dream of every night, I would be passionate. I would be standing tall and I would be completely uncompromising with those that would injure, or damage, or treat my child unfairly, I would stand up and fight to my last breath. So I don’t understand where your passion is Mr. President and how you can stand there so passively  at the debate taking for granted your children, while some of us who have supported you while you dissed us over and over and over again, can not do anything but dream of having children of our own.


I am sick of watching my president play dead. There is only so long I can afford to be patient about these issues due to the biological reality of menopause. And I am angry, that the representative I have selected doesn’t even pretend anymore that he is fighting for fairness for me. That is all I am looking for and all I am asking for. Simple basic fairness. Where men like my husband can find work, where I can have children, even just one…. I have done everything right. But my government and elected officials have forsaken me. And once again, with a total lack of passion my president stood there in the spot light and he pussied out. When are you going to stop talking about fighting and start actually fighting? My future children depend on you. And if you will not fight for them, then I can no longer support you because I only have so many fertile years left and the crappy economy is eating them, while my president sits around dispassionately debating a moron and losing…


This debate was alarming. It was a perfect example of the failure of the Obama presidency. The lack of passion was terrifying. Mitt, didn’t even do particularly well. I still can not believe how truly bad it was….. I find myself in shock that I voted for someone at such a critical time, who has no fight and no passion in him what so ever. Congratulations Mr. President you are excellent at misleading your base. But after today, and the last four years, you are driving us away. We want to stay with you. You gotta stop making it so damn hard by stepping into the fight. Otherwise, I am voting for Jill Stein. There is simply no other option. I really wanted it to be you though.

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