The Right Is Wrong For Women!

ByAmanda Gynther

The Right Is Wrong For Women!

For some time now, I have found it impossible to go a day without reading some horrendous new thing from the Right, about women and how their bodies work and what we should and should not have the right to do with them. They base their argument on justifications from the Bible, in which human beings are told by God to “be fruitful and multiply”. Abortion is a human tragedy, no woman wants to face such a choice. Some women see their unplanned for babies as gifts from God, others see them as leeches living off their bodies and making their life more problematic. I am sure the choice is difficult enough to make without society weighing in on an issue of great personal importance that has nothing to do with them.  The Right, gather and stand outside abortion clinics screaming at young women who are in the midst of the most tragic and tumultuous decision of their lives; on a good day, abusively they show off pictures of dead babies and rage at these poor women. On a bad day they blow the abortion clinic up and kill a bunch of well educated highly functional members of society doing a service for some of the most desperate and needy. It seems, they are forever trying to legislate the vagina. Yeh, I said VAGINA, and if you don’t like it you can bite me, twice.


This is the attack against women from yesterday Yes, disabilities are the fault of mothers who have previously “murdered” God’s chosen first born, and I would point out here first born and first conceived are not always the same thing. I am dyslexic. I am my mom’s first pregnancy. Please Mr. Crazy-Old-Fringe-Right-Wing-Nut-Job, explain that according to your logic? What is more, babies are made up of genetic material contributed by both parents. What about men who waste their seed by having sex with other women prior to the one they finally make the disabled baby with? Why don’t you nut cases ever blame the men? Inquiring minds would like to know. So, it is not alright for a woman, to control her own body. Men however, can waste their seed and do as they choose without being hauled down the carpet.  And you, want to tell me you are using the Bible as your reasoning for this? I could swear the bible advocates that men should not waste their seed. The reality is, you Right Wingers are just a bunch of cherry pickers, aren’t you? Yes, you are. You are not really pro Bible, and  pro turning America into Bible Land. You are pro abuse and control of women. If you weren’t using cherry picked crap from the Bible, you would just be using cherry picked crap from somewhere else, ANYWHERE else. I refuse to listen to your Bible thumping until you start blaming men for these things too in accordance with what your Bible says.


You people don’t shag sheep, (at least I hope you don’t.) There is at least one spot in the Bible, that singles out livestock for rape by conquering soldiers, along with children and women. Why are you people not trying to pass laws then to force everyone to have semi regular sex with livestock? if a Bible society is truly your goal, and you want to live in accordance with every single syllable of  God’s book, why not legalize marijuana? God is constantly appearing in a cloud of sweet smelling smoke, a case for the legalization of weed if ever I heard one and it is from your own manual on the way to properly live life as a fringe whack-a-doodle. The bible does not explicitly tell us to drive cars. Perhaps you should all start walking everywhere. And when you want to go on tours of European churches, you can walk like Jesus, on the water across the Atlantic, as the bible also does not give expressed permission to ride planes ether. That also means you can walk to the Holy Land to take a tour of Jerusalem too. You see, two can play this game of of using the word of God to control other people.


It is unbelievably ridiculous, in the modern age to use the Bible, a bunch of bronze age sheep shagger myths, as a basis to go after the contemporary women of the modern age.  Completely ridiculous. And I can only imagine, if someone “legitimately raped” one of Aken’s daughters,  he would hardly be appeased by a small bag of silver to settle the issue of the abuse of his “property.” I also can not imagine him stoning such a daughter to death either. Which is also sanctioned in some cases of rape in the Bible. This is what I mean though about the cherry picking. If the left really wants to go to war and if women really want to take action against this kind of defective crazy that is taking over our political discourse with hypocrisy, lies, and agenda, that seeks to turn women back into chattel then here are my suggestions.


These Bible Thumpers, attacking women for Jesus, claiming to want to live under Bible law would actually be miserable under Bible law. They want to live under the Bible laws that they cherry pick and select. I want a law passed in accordance with the bible requiring us to shag sheep monthly. After all, the bible does make that argument at least once if you interpret it that way. It is time to take back the Bible from these nut cases by seeking to have many of the lesser loved laws of the Bible made into state and federal laws. If they last a whole forty eight hours without these same cherry picking Christians having a freak out over them, I would be shocked. But we can then point to their own book while we make their pathetic lives as miserable for them as their closed minds have made Gays and women, for the past several hundred years. It’s enough. If it’s Bible law they want, let’s give it to them.


The Republicans have started this war, and women have not even begun to fight. The Republicans had better pray that we don’t begin to fight. Because if we do, the least of their concern will be at the ballot box. Our war strategy could take the shape of making anchor babies with illegals. As many little mixed race brown babies as we can produce, and as frequently as we can produce them. Just imagine what those white old men would do when we applied for status for not only all our anchor babies but the Mexicans who had fathered them. Imagine the hulla-balloo, if we then applied for food stamps for all of our little brown anchor babies and for ourselves and our illegal mexican partner/s.  I give it a week before they suddenly start demanding the re-legalization of abortion and they will pretend it is their idea that we should have a choice.  If they won’t be reasonable, we as women should take the initiative and just breed the white old Right out of existence. They had better pray to their God that women do not turn this into a war.


At the end it is all about choice. It is about whether or not women should be more than just sex objects that produce sons. I am not going back to back alley abortions. I flat out refuse. If it comes to that I will pack my things again, just as I did after Bush got his second term and I will once again flee to Europe. What gives these men the right to make all the decisions for women, some ancient book of dubious origin? Is that it, come on there must be something more? If not, that is just ridiculous and the men of this country should be ashamed of themselves. Not even the Democrats, are there to protect women’s rights. In Europe I could get the morning after pill over the counter at my local pharmacy. No need to see a doctor and get some moral argument from them. I just walked into the nearest pharmacy requested the pill and was given it and told how to take it to be safe and affective. Even the Democrats have moral issues with a woman’s right to choose. They go so far as to seek to protect us from ourselves, as our pretty little heads are not designed for decision making, Seems to me the only good choice for women this year is the Green Party which has a woman presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate. Who else but a pair of women could ever actually understand the capacity of the minds inside our pretty little heads.


Choice is so fundamental to all people of all ages. Wasn’t that the dream when the United States was formed, everyone  pursue happiness where ever they might find it? Everyone could choose for themselves without having someone looking over their shoulder trying to invade their bodies with legislation. No one is seeking to force God loving women to abort. I would even pay more taxes to help support them as single mothers even if I disagree with their choice and even though if the shoe were on the other foot their Christian piety would demand they throw me to the wolves. What pro- choice is about, is having a choice. On one side you have the Christian Right trying to take that away from everyone, trying to force us all to live in accordance with the cherry picked bits of their holy book that they like. On the other side, you have the option pro-choice which allows everyone to make a personal decision personally, privately, and for themselves, it leaves both abortion and Jesus on the table. This is why I support it.


I would really like to see a law passed making this debate illegal for the reason of public health. My feeling is, given all the disgusting holes and unsafe sexual situations that our Government has been in, they should for the safety of society, be denied the right to legislate inside the bodies of American women. It is a public health matter. If you have been in here then it is a risk to public health for you to crawl into any woman’s uterus as you are dirty and likely disease infested.

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