Romney Campaign Adviser “Praying” In Final Days


Romney Campaign Adviser “Praying” In Final Days

As the presidential candidates are in the final stretch, it’s obviously taking its toll on a waning Romney campaign. While the popular vote is neck and neck, the Electoral College is not shaping up for the Republican challenger as well as they had hoped.

Things are starting to unravel for the campaign and it’s showing, according to the

That’s wholly understandable – the toll these campaigns have on candidates and their families are horrendous.

But what’s more telling are a series of quotes from Romney campaign officials. Again, there are the normal caveats about the private polling showing their man holding onto a tight lead.

But then we get this: “At a rally this morning in New Hampshire, I asked a senior Mitt Romney campaign adviser what the campaign had planned in the final crucial days. His answer was swift. ‘Praying’.”

And this: “One adviser this morning was even more candid: “I’m not saying (Mr. Obama) is definitely going to lose.”

And finally this: “We’re the challengers. We always knew we could lose,” one aide told me here in Dubuque. “They [the Obama camp] never contemplated they could lose.”

Mr. Romney’s path to victory relies on a series of victories in states where he’s down in the polls and unexpected Obama losses.

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