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Rush Limbaugh Makes Fun Of Caitlyn Jenner For Not Getting Penis Removed

Written by Eric on June 6, 2015.

In typical fashion, Rush Limbaugh mocked Caitlyn Jenner for not getting the penis removed. He cites a Nancy Grace segment which points out that a trans man or woman is supposed to wait a full year before having the genital sugary done.

“How can you become a woman if you haven’t had the chopadickoffamy?!” as he continued to mock and laugh.

“Why is it mandatory to live for a year before you have the ‘bottom surgery?’” he questions. “Why would you have to wait a year? Is there some sort of psychological hormonal thing that you have to do to adjust? Or is it a commitment thing? You show people you’re really dead serious about this, so you have to do that for a year. What happens, by the way, if nine months in you fail? Maybe that’s why they wait. That would be point of no return. Maybe they wait to see if somebody’s really serious about this.”

HollywoodLife 6/5/2015

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