Republicans Scramble to Stop Monster They Created


Republicans Scramble to Stop Monster They Created

It started out as what appeared to be another whimsical run for Donald Trump, providing some entertainment value and sparring practice for real establishment candidates early on in the primaries. If 2012 was any indication, this wouldn’t last and Mr. Trump would bow out after taking a beating and fade back into civilian obscurity.

Fast forward four years and the exact same Trump is running the exact same campaign he always has, narcissistic, bombastic, provocative and insulting, only this time it has appeal to a Republican party that is so disenfranchised that they’ll take anyone who isn’t a part of the establishment. There’s a cloud of political correctness looming over the country, a trend of treating people equally, whether they’re gay, a minority or female and it’s not a part of the norm that many are used to.

After gaining steam initially in the Primary contest, Republican candidates did their best to attack him using traditional tactics, which have all backfired thus far. Much like the war with ISIS, the rules of engagement will fail against an enemy who has no rules themselves. Trump has mercilessly beaten his opponents into the ground with vicious attacks, without a care of who he takes down in the process, this appeals to his base in the same way that Biff from Back to the Future must have.

election-resultsAfter Super Tuesday, Mr. Trump leads the delegate count and has a formidable lead and unless there’s a landslide against him, his path to the nomination is almost complete. This has the Republican establishment in full on panic mode, in the last two weeks they’ve pulled out Romney to attack him on taxes and Paul Ryan to hit him on not denouncing the KKK. All of this seems to be too little, too late as it had little to no impact on the results.

Republicans now have 13 days to stop Donald Trump and it will not be an easy task with the momentum he currently has. As long as Rubio, Cruz and Carson still remain, it makes Trump’s path that much easier as they continue to split the minority share between them.

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