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Stories written by kzmwrites
Karley Ziegler Mott is a freelance writer based in Upstate New York. She is a long-time blogger and founder of a top eco beauty blog, Chic & Green. In addition, she is a Social Media Coordinator, Copywriter, and Content Writer for beauty companies and organizations worldwide. A wife and mother of two, her interest in politics -- and sharing her opinion on the subject -- runs deep.

Thank you, Planned Parenthood.

Thank you, Planned Parenthood.

Last night at the Democratic National Convention, I found myself nodding in agreement with an articulate woman and mother named Libby Bruce. Bruce spoke emphatically about her own experience as…

Why Women Must Stand Together

I have always been passionate about politics. It is what I chose to study in college. Earlier than that, I remember watching the Republican convention late one weekend evening while…

Trying to Explain Chick-fil-A to Children

Recently, my boys (7 and 8) were in the room while the news was on and we had a pretty lengthy discussion about the hulabaloo surrounding Chick-fil-A. For those of…