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Shifting views on Unions, Strikes and the Future of Our Society

NFL officials Bob Waggoner, left and Gene Steratore take the field with the rest of the game crew for the first time this season before the start of the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns game on Thursday night.

In a tragic commentary on the state of our society consider two recent strikes, the Teacher’s Union in Chicago and the NFL Refs.

When it comes to officiating over a football game, even the most ardent opponent of organized labor  sides with the unions.

When it comes to caring for the well-being of our students and looking out for the standard bearers or their education, even the traditional champions of organized labor get distracted  and side tracked.

So much of the press surrounding the teacher’s strike focused on how the parents were tolerating it.   We focused on what the student’s were doing instead of going to school.   Very little attention was paid to why the teacher’s was striking.

Public service unions and especially teachers have been vilified recently as being part of the problem.   To hear some pundits describe the situation, you could easily conclude that instead of  being a bastion safe guarding the education of our most valuable resource, teachers are an entitled group of self-absorbed lazy …

Teachers were once a highly regarded and highly respected demographic.   We need to restore them to that rightful place of honor.   It is a tragic commentary on our society that the professionals we all love to hate, football referees, garner more public support than the professionals that we once all loved and admired.

Maybe teachers should take a page for the ref’s play book.   Next time they go on strike, send in some replacement teachers.   Replacement teachers may have a similar effect rallying support around trained educators.   What if they taught fake science, fake history, and confused math facts and details?    Would we the public cry out to send back the regular teachers?   Or would we be glad that the kids were being told creationism, young earth theories, and fuzzy math probability?