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Is the Department of Education sucking your bank account dry?

Michele Bachmann, in her latest tax payer saving fiscally responsible speech, demands to know why YOUR tax dollars are going to the Department of Education. The founding fathers of this great country would’ve gasped had they witnessed the liberal waste in this country.

Citing the 33rd amendment, Bachmann insists the constitution expressly forbids any Government involvement in the education system. Furthermore, the DOE is issuing funds to inner city low income schools. Why aren’t these children home schooled instead of costing the tax payers? This is an outrage!


Rove v. Palin

Is she running or isn’t she? That’s the out of line question that Karl Rove posed that pushed Palin over the edge, the speculation that’s kept many on the Right on the edge of their teacups as they wait for her to announce. “Who is Rove to tell ME whether or not I’m going to run?” exclaimed a clearly riled up Palin “I’ve given no indication one way or the other” before stepping on a bus with a 6 ft sized picture of her face on it, following Rick Perry to his next campaign stop.

In response, Karl Rove said Palin was thin skinned. Using the word “look” 10 times in once sentence to drive his point home “look, she’s too sensitive” “look, she just needs thicker skin.”


Did Rick Perry make Mitt Romney his bitch?

After all the hoopla about Romney being the front runner, the whole thing with T-Paw caving to him like Palin did to a full term, is now losing to Perry by double digits according to the latest Gallup Poll. With Perry hammering him on his RomneyCare package it doesn’t appear he’s going to let up either, has Perry made Romney his bitch?

Only two things come from Texas and it’s obvious that Perry’s no steer, as we’ve clearly seen in a previous post the man can give Andy Dick a lesson in knob gobbling. So what’s Romney to do now? Well, he could continue running around calling corporations people, lord knows he’s treated both with the same contempt so maybe he’s on to something. Maybe he could pull a Pawlenty start sucking up to Perry and jockey for a VP slot, a Christian and a Mormon, shit with 20 kids per kid per grand-kid per family they can win the primary on that alone.


Worst singer in history?

What would it sound like if Arnold Schwarzenegger got stuck in a barb wire fence?


Praying the gay away

Were you born with a knack for interior design, hairdressing or dancing on Broadway? Maybe it starts early in life stemming from Bert and Ernie or an episode of Glee, but whatever the case being gay is apparently a disease that can be cured by prayer. Now you might as well be into bondage or bestiality in the eyes of the Lord and it only means Satan has a grip on you that can only be loosened by the power of prayer.

The signs of being gay are easy to spot when you know what to look for, once spotted you can begin praying the gay devil out of them immediately. Do they always seem happy, or giddy like they don’t care who is watching as they outwardly express their sexuality? Do they exhibit an unnaturally unique knowledge of their own body parts and display that knowledge publicly? Once you are able to spot these ungodly behaviors you have taken the first step toward freeing them of a very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders.

What will happen if we don’t rid the world of gays?

  • People will be required to learn that homosexuality is normal, equal and perhaps you should try it
  • Gays and those around them will have very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders
  • If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement
  • This is a very serious matter, because it is our children who are the prize for this community, they [gays] are specifically targeting our children
  • The sex curriculum will be essentially by taught by the local gay community
  • Our children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal and natural and that perhaps they should try it

All quotes directly from Michele Bachmann


Palin: Milking Americans For All They Are Worth

While you can hear Sarah Palin preach about how the economy is going to collapse (for just $400 a ticket), catch her on a bus tour across America’s heartland or donate to her SuperPAC while having zero idea where your money is going, nobody knows whether or not she’ll run. The beauty of it is that she doesn’t have to in order to milk the very same Americans she claims to be representing, she merely has to hint around to it.

No need to show up for straw polls and debates when you haven’t officially entered the race, all you need to do is show up on the cockblock express, riding on the back of events that others in your party have spent their supporters PAC money in good faith on to set up.


Obama Coming For Your Guns

It’s been nearly three years and though we’re still waiting for Obama’s Marxist troops to march down our neighborhood streets to take our guns, it’s still coming. Like any other red blooded patriot, I watch Fox News and back in 2008 they warned us so me and all my patriot brothers bought every gun and all the ammo Wal-mart had to offer and took up arms.

Well as it turns out, if we can hold our just another year and vote for Rick Perry we won’t have to worry. We will be able to emerge from our bunkers and get a free handgun with every purchase of a 5th of JD from our local liquor store. Hang in there patriots, soon we’ll be able to keep the guns we’ve never lost.


Just The Right Amount of Teeth

Let me begin by saying there I don’t care how anti-gay you claim to be, this man knows how to mouth a shaft. Also notice how gentle his fingers near the bottom are while giving just the right amount of squeeze, can’t be sure from a still image but he’s putting the pressure on, then taking it off, you can totally tell.

Then there’s the left hand, minding the step-children, cupping them with the warm embrace of his firm hand. There is no doubt this thing is going to burst all over in his mouth, but only when Rick’s ready and not a moment sooner.


Rick Perry Knows Best

Rick Perry’s followers know what’s best for America and public schools obviously are not it. Perry also fights against the tyranny of overpaid teachers, factually correct history books, unions and minimum wage.


Christine ODonnell walks off Piers Morgan set over gay marriage [Video]

The issue of Gay Marriage, while covered in her book, is a topic Christine O’Donnell did not want to discuss with Piers Morgan. In fact, his even asking about her views on it was rude, crude and socially unacceptable. You know Christine could’ve been at a women’s club meeting at 6:00 where she was going to proudly speak about how the women of the tea party has set them back 50 years.

Shame on you for asking questions outlined in her book, Piers! See, this is exactly why CNN is labeled lame stream.