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Rick Perry: Climate Change Is A Hoax

Due to record breaking drought in Texas, agriculture losses are at a record $5.2B. With most of the state not receiving rain since last fall, Texas is facing conditions not seen since the dust bowl of the 1930’s and so far this the most severe one-year drought on record.

Texas Governor and newly minted Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is responding to this by with the following statement: Climate change is a hoax.


Abortion Has Higher Approval Rating Than Tea Party

It seems that Americans aren’t so keen on being cock blocked at every turn by the extreme right wing fringe of the Republican party, who would’ve guessed! At this point the only thing trending lower than the Tea Party is Congress, which is like comparing toilets, no matter how you look at it, it’s going to be full of shit.

Over that last few years the county has been moving to the right, favoring smaller government and less spending. The exact same thing the Tea Party stands for, so why are they so unfavorable? Maybe it’s because they absolutely refuse to compromise in any way, shape or form. For example, why is closing Planned Parenthood a make or break deal during a debt debate that affects the entire country financially? How, exactly, does that create jobs? For the Tea Party practicality takes a back seat to partisan ideology.

Now, before I rattle off who has a higher approval rating than the Tea Party (way to go Muslims!) remember that this is what happens when the extreme fringe element of a party takes over. My Twitter name is @ragingteabagger and it only exists because of the Tea Party and when you lose relevancy, so do I. So take this post with a grain of salt and keep on doing what you’re doing to keep this character alive, it’s a real slice playing one of you people.

Just a few things that have a higher approval rating than the Tea Party:

  • Gay Marriage
  • Abortion
  •  Muslims
  • Atheists



Texas Job Boom – The Real Numbers

As the latest Republican to throw his hat in the ever growing ring of tax cuttin’ job creators, Rick Perry is running on his states lower than average unemployment rate. At 8.2 %, a whopping 0.9% lower than the current national average of 9.1%, Governor Perry touts no income tax and a business friendly environment.

These numbers are indisputable, 37% of all net new American jobs between June 2009 and April 2011 – that’s about 262,000 – were, in fact, created in Texas.

So what’s the catch?

Nearly all of those employed in Texas are paid hourly, not a salary and of those it’s estimated that 9.5% are paid minimum wage or less compared to the rest of the nation which is at around 6%. According to the Texas Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2007 to 2010, the number of minimum wage workers in Texas rose from 221,000 to 550,000, an increase of nearly 150%. Hourly wage workers’ median salary of $11.20 per hour in 2010 lagged behind the national median of $12.50.

Lots of numbers to sift through here and while it ay not make for a great sound bite, it’s got meat. The bottom line is that if your state is rich in oil production with little to no regulation then putting people to work for scraps may look good on the books but most of those Perry is bragging about are underpaid and underemployed.


Google Plus Fox News Account Suspended

Google+ cancelled my fake Fox News account because everyone and their mother got their panties in a bunch and complained about a post I made citing a real Fox News article where Republicans want to cut funding for Obama’s teleprompter:

“I think we made our point,” Womack said. “We’re asking people to do more with less. And I think the president ought to lead by example. He [Obama] is already a very gifted speaker. And I think that’s one platform he could do without.”

The only difference was I used this image:


Hate Mail

Here I’ll highlight some of the comments and DM’s directed at RagingTeabagger. I’ll keep this post updated as they come in. Also be sure to check out the RagingTeabagger FAQ for more info how my white trashidness came to be.

@Puekaw10 You seem to put your self before everyone!
Well, I am a teabagger.

@nate_nelson That condescending little caricature you paint of the Tea Party in your FAQ — do you really believe it?You mean do I really believe the tea party votes against their own best interests? That they hypocritically accept the very same services they are always screaming about? That they are from Shithole Backwoods, USA? No, I don’t believe any of that, hell I think you guys are just swell.

@Winghunter Patriots! Check your followers list for spies…No joke.RagingTeabagger is a covert spy on  a mission, you got me.

@Winghunter Try that insult out in public – BUT, we know you’re not that psychotic, don’t we.A threat from a genuine teaparty member? Well I never!

@ConTchr mocking pig. racist. you mock the living God. you will go down. count on it.
I’ll go down alright, on my sweet sweet sister.

@Artie_B BLOCK >>>> @RagingTeabagger Leftwing Troll
Check out this guys mug, he’s giving RagingTeabagger’s avatar a run for his money!

@Tom__Paine patently offensive. Go ahead, make fun of the white working class rather than organizing them. The rich r the enemy
You assume I’m working?

@PcolaBucsfan did your mom have any kids that lived
Yes, all 10 of my brothers and sisters are still alive and my mom/aunt (we just call her aunty mom) is still doin’ really well. The family keeps getting bigger but the trailer stays the same size, go figure.

@billycrop Man you are crazy!!!
I like to think of myself as raging but yeah, that too.

@GregWHoward The fact that anyone actually RT’s @RagingTeabagger should be all the excuse you need to block them forever
I’m with you dude.. F that guy!


GOP Pledge To America “Fuck You”

In the new (old) Republican Pledge To America Republicans are promising change, real change this time.

 Some of the highlights are:

  • Tax cuts for the wealthy – Without rich people, the poor and middle class wouldn’t have their coattails to ride on, so they need a break.
  • Repeal of Healthcare reform – Pre-existing conditions are YOUR problem, don’t blame the insurance company.
  • Smaller Government – Except for wars.
  • Saying NO – In the event that we become the majority, we promise to continue to say NO to everything, cock blocking any sort of progress. It’s just who we are.
  • No public funding for abortion – Nevermind that this was never actually the case, we figure most of you are, well dumb, that’s right, dumb and will just believe us because without your fear, we don’t really stand a chance.
  • Cut spending – We promise not to bankrupt your grandchildren’s future by spending money in America on American’s. We, the GOP, pledge to you that we will only spend upwards of a trillion on tearing down and rebuilding third world countries.
  • Jobs – We promise to do everything possible to give corporations tax breaks for shipping their jobs overseas. It’s just cheaper that way.
  • Unions – We’ll ensure that you, as the employee, have zero rights in any way.
  • Immigration – In America, if it isn’t obvious that a person is outwardly white (American!) then they will have to provide citizenship documentation.

Christine O’Donnell “I’m not a wicth”

She’s “nothing you heard”. Not even all that shit she said with her own mouth. Never mind that, her slogan at the end of this video is “I’m you” with a snarky shrug like what’s wrong with all you goddamned people who hate my ass.

You are nothing like me, Christine. As a teen I fantasized about other women and beat my dick like it owed me money. That’s what normal kids do, they don’t “dabble” in witchcraft, like it’s just some passing fad.


Airline safety demos are cool again

Cebu Pacific Airlines found a way to get passengers attention during their safety demos. This is too cool to be asshole(ish) so they go into the other category. Oh and dig the Lady Gaga sound track.


Christine O’Donnell on Meatballs and Hare Krishna

Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell apparently nearly took a break from witchcraft to dabble in Hare Krishna(ism?).

Exclaimed Christine when nobody asked: “I was dabbling in witchcraft, I’ve dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn’t want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why — because I’m Italian, I love meatballs!”

More from Bill Maher’s 1999 original broadcast…


Rahm Emanuel Leaving The Fucking White House

Today Rahm Emanuel resigned his position as Obama’s Chief of Fucking Staff to run for Mayor of Chicago. His successor, Peter Rouse is said to be low key and much less emotional, a low-key troubleshooter and consummate backroom player whose work is seldom publicized, is being elevated to a post in which he may lose some of his cherished anonymity.

Perhaps he’ll use less controversial words like heck, golly gee or gosh-darnit when addressing staff members in the showers. In any case the White House is losing a real asshole, my kind of asshole, who is capable of shaking things up when need be.

So on the behalf of liberals everywhere who’ve enjoyed watching you kick some ass, good fucking luck!