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ByAmanda Gynther

Joe Walsh Talks About Sons. I Can Talk About Sons Too.

I posted an article just the other night in which I blasted not just Mitt Romney and his party of  lunatics, but also the president for being too weak in dealing with the crazy Rightists running around with guns everywhere. Truth is, I agree with Joe Walsh, president Obama, has hardly been the president I had hoped he would be. He has been a pathetic excuse for a democrat bending over backwards to accommodate a bunch of hate filled Jesus loving fascists. I am disappointed that he didn’t take a much stronger stand against the foulness and ignorance bought, payed for and packaged by the Koch brothers. On the other hand, my view of Obama, as a politician, run in direct opposition to what I think about him as a human being. As a father, he appears from all I have found to be excellent. He seems to be a wonderful husband, and I appreciate many of the places he donates his money. He is a wonderful person and, given how well he speaks, I can see him being a fabulous professor. If I were going to study law, there is no one else I would rather be listening to and learning it from. Obama, takes excellent care of his children. Their financial needs are met, their educational needs seem to be met. He is a wonderful supporter of his family.


This morning, I woke up to find Obama was attacked by a member of the Tea Party. The member of the tea party responsible for the attack has not even payed his own campaign manager. He is not taking care of his children. He is in the rears in child support in a gross and disturbing way. And he is attacking Obama, in a racist manner referring to Obama as “son.” Ok, Joe Walsh, personal responsibility and family values, fringe lunatic Tea Bagger, let’s talk about sons. How are yours paying for their school supplies? How are they paying for their toys, clothes, and food? A pat on their heads doesn’t meet their needs. Nor is it acceptable for a government representative, in the land where all men are created equal, to endorse such a racist handling of our president. One thing I have learned in my travels is, you can tell an awful lot about a person and/or culture by how they treat the most weak and needy members of  their society. Obama, isn’t exactly winning any awards in the caring for the needy department at least not anymore than the average moderate republican. Unlike Joe Walsh though, who leaves his own kids penniless for the satiation of his selfish desires, Obama has the decency to not be a hypocrite. Obama stands his ground by being personally responsible. Personally responsible as a father, a husband and a human being. I can’t help but feel so very sad for the children of a man like Joe Walsh, who probably raises them with racist rhetoric in the home, and constant lessons in how to hate others, while not meeting their basic needs.


Joe Walsh, really needs to think about what he is saying before he opens his mouth. Fueling racist sentiment in America as he has done in this video, is a danger to all of us. It seems to be a huge piece of what is inciting these gun wielding crazies that keep shooting at everyone. I personally feel that, if the personal responsibility republicans want to fuel this movement of hate based random mass shootings, it is time for them to not only take personal responsibility for the babies they have made, but also for the incitement of violence which they continue to incite with such hate filled rhetoric. You want personal responsibility, fine by me. You can go first. I think a year in a medium security prison for your racist rant against Obama that will fuel some hate filled, gun toting lunatic, sounds about right. Add to that another 20 years for robbing your children blind. Then you can come back and talk about personal responsibility.


Where are you Democrats? Where are you while this whack job is inciting another mass shooting incident? Are you too busy to protect society from these lunatics because you are now answerable to the too big to fail banks rather than the people? If so, as it clearly appears, given your lack of action to shut the hate rhetoric down, perhaps for our own safety we should all vote for the Greens this year? Perhaps they will protect us from the gun toting hate filled crazies incited to violence by Tea Partiers, such as good old dad of the year, personal responsibility man, Joe Walsh.

ByCecil Stockton

Ah…GOP, I knew you well…

Democracy – Majority rules, society is a community, the common good is greater than individual property and rights.

Republic – A strong adherence to the rule of law, individual rights and responsibility are paramount.

Two opposing views, two competing ideologies. We need both. A society that is a true and complete democracy risks sacrificing individual freedom for the good of all. But a society that holds individual freedom to be sacred risks leaving behind those who cannot, for one reason or another, avail themselves of that freedom.

To ignore the needs of those among us who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged, to refuse to reach out to those who are born into crushing poverty diminishes the empathy and compassion that defines the human spirit. And yet to tell the individual that seeking to improve their lot that striving to attain societal status or possessions that enhance life is wrong crushes that which drives us forward, it would kill the force behind the progress and betterment of mankind.

We need both.

The United States of America became the great nation it is because we held to the belief that both the common good and individual rights were complimentary, not mutually exclusive. We became great in large part because Democrats and Republicans worked together, through compromise, to see to the needs and desires of all. We prospered because a respect for a differing ideology did not mean that we could not respect each other as Americans first. We flourished because the good of the country demanded that the individual and the community both be strong and free, that one ideology did not become more influential than the other.

We need both, we need to be individuals but we need to look out for and care for other Americans.

When I was growing up that’s the America we had. Democrats didn’t hate Ike, Republicans mourned the death of JFK. That was the America of Carter, of Reagan, of Clinton and of the first George Bush. We’ve lost that.

We live in a contentious time, a time when the art of respectful discourse is forgotten, when the need for compromise has been cast aside in the interest of one ideology trumping the other. When hatred for the President of the United States is stronger than the desire to see our nation recover from one of the most difficult eras we’ve faced.

What we’re seeing is the destruction of the principles and the soul of the Republican Party. We’ve seen the rise of another ideology, one that is Republicanism gone mad and with that growing power we’re seeing the demise of the Grand Old Party. And I mourn for that loss. We all should.

I’m a Democrat and I’m a Liberal. I believe that we have a responsibility to look out for our fellow humans no matter their country, their language or the color of their skin. And though I feel that it’s wrong for some of us to live in incredible luxury and privilege while others of us live in squalor and poverty I also believe in the right of every man and every woman to make the best they can of their own lives without undue interference and without condemnation. I believe we need Democrats who respect and work with Republicans and we need Republicans who value the goals and the dreams of Democrats.

I mourn the loss of the spirit of the Republican Party and I’m terribly saddened for those true Republicans who are being driven out of their party, for those who are troubled and sickened by what is being done in their name. I can only hope that the madness known as the Tea Party runs it’s course, that the use of conflict as a political tool and the desire to see a single philosophy and vision guiding this country begins to lose the hold it has over the hearts of so many Americans.

We need a healthy and sane Republican Party. If and when the real GOP returns I will welcome it with open arms.

ByAmanda Gynther

The Double Standard

One would think the issue here is women’s rights versus men’s. But that isn’t the case. Oh I write about that too. My mother marched for women’s lib and civil rights, and appears to have been the first woman driver for Pepsi-Cola. I have chosen to blog, and to be the stay-at-home wife of a world-class PhD in theoretical physics. Moving around where the wind blows, and where his career calls. Today, the issue is violence, rather than gender  or science. I just read through an article about what might possibly be a hate crime in Missouri where a mosque was blown up.

I am troubled and saddened by this newest act of  hate. Because, honestly, what are the chances it isn’t another right-wing fundamentalist freak, being violent in the name of God and country? The chances, are extremely low.

We give these people the freedom to carry guns, we don’t do anything when they step on the heads of young women practicing their right to protest. We sit back when the violent rhetoric comes out of whack jobs like Bachman and Palin, shaking our heads. Then, we act surprised when someone somewhere commits a hate crime or we have a random shooting incident. Such as this one in which a left wing congress woman was shot in the head. I am not surprised by such events anymore. We have become a new “silent majority,” cowed into silence by the guns and violence. I’d rather die standing my ground than hiding my world view in a closet while a bunch of  lunatic members of a hate group make a mockery of what our country is about and what it means to be a thinking, feeling, actual human being. I am an anti-theist, a feminist and a liberal. I don’t have any more time to let these lunatics push me or anyone else around—so I am encouraging all of us to stand up.

We must stand up, but not through the use of  violence. That kind of behavior is so pedestrian—any uneducated, bigoted hick that sleeps with his sister and parades around as a proud member of the Tea Party or any other hate group can accomplish that. It would be too easy. But it is time to start standing our ground. If they want to come take my right to control my own body then they had better understand I am coming after their penis analogy that they call a gun. They want a war. I am officially ready to raise a non violent hell storm. I hope others are reaching this point also; this abuse of the free-thinking and educated population has gone on long enough, for more than a decade.

I am sick of waking up to these stories of gun violence. I worry that one day it will be my children at such a tragic event. Then I wonder, don’t children belong to all of society, wasn‘t that why so many people were so upset about Casey Anthony‘s acquittal? If so, they have already killed one of my kids: the little child who died when Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head by a lunatic, fundamentalist crazy, egged on by the violent rhetoric of right-wing propaganda.

They are out there, menacing us and our children in the parks with their guns. They seem to think that the 2nd amendment, somehow gives them the right to threaten others by default, until they get their way, like four-year-olds kicking and screaming in the throes of a tantrum. The rest of the world is watching us as we put up with our poorly behaved baby, Tea Party, as he rages in the super market for another pack of bubble gum to pile in a cart already laden and overflowing with gum. The rest of the world, is shaking its head in disgust and horror that we sit back and do nothing except continue to try to satisfy our insatiable baby. We demand nothing of our president and government while these lunatics menace us on ground that belongs to all of us who pay taxes, because we don’t want to accept the reality that those who are supposed stand with us are such giant pussies, that nothing would get them to stand up. So, we stay quiet. Easier to ignore reality if we don’t have to shine a bright light on what a tragedy for society it happens to be.  Why are we too scared to tell our baby Tea Party, that the free-guns-for-all party is over and it is time to go to bed, there is school in the morning? I still can‘t understand how these people can threaten us in our communities on a daily basis and no one wants to take on the issue. I know what the rest of the world is thinking—because I have spent the last six years living all over it. They don’t understand. And quite honestly neither do I.

I am not sure who exactly to be more disgusted with anymore, the liberals and Democrats who do nothing to protect the people who put them in power, while they are menaced everywhere with guns, shot at, and otherwise abused by the right. Or the Republicans with their Tea Party of hillbilly thugs at least one of whom was convicted of raping his own daughter some time back. It is revolting to my sense of fair play that someone who would commit such a crime gets better treatment from the president that I helped to put where he is than I do. I keep waiting for the Dems, to put their foot down. But they don’t. Why do I vote for them then? Why do I pay taxes? When was the last time any government official other than dear old Barney Frank,  actually represented my interests? Isn’t the government’s first responsibility to protect me? Wasn‘t that why I lost all my rights to privacy and everything else after 9/11? So that the bigoted Republicans could feel safe again? Are Republicans for Jesus the only ones who have the right to feel safe anymore in the USA? Because it sure feels like it. Seems that such freedom with guns is a huge problem and a major failing, in that Obama has actually made the gun laws looser since he came to office. All of these lunatics running around thinking the big black boogeyman is going to take their guns… No. He isn’t. He is going to give you more access to the public with your guns to shoot people at random and to menace those who disagree with you in the parks and on the trains. He is going to let you and your guns make our country that much less safe for those of us who just want to live in peace.

We have insurance for cars. We have added taxes on cigarettes. We have virtually no waiting period to get a gun, and the background check is sadly inadequate. I am not advocating taking peoples’ rights to have guns away. I just want to bring back some sanity to the institution of gun ownership. Here is what I would like to see:

  • A one-month waiting period
  • Several meetings with a psychiatrist who must certify that the potential gun owner is sound of mind. (They have this in Finland, It may not be perfect, but compare their random gun incident numbers to ours. After each such incident, Finland strengthened its gun restrictions, as did Norway and every other rational nation that has ever had an incident of random shooting.) This psychiatrist will base his or her decision on whether or not the individual behaves as if he is a safe member of society, and will also have access to learn more from the background check. about the perspective gun purchaser.
  • A highly detailed background check. (something that goes beyond “have you ever been convicted of a violent crime?”)
  • People have to get car insurance, people should have to get gun insurance too. In case someone is hurt or killed by their gun. Medical care is costly. So are funerals. Why should the cost of these things be borne by those doing nothing wrong who were shot by some aggressive person on public land rather than by the shooter  and/or gun owner?
  • The government should add a special tax on gun ownership to help us all pay our first responders who clean up the crimes and the messes made by these machines that have but one purpose, to make it easy to kill. You don’t want to pay for my kid’s public education fine. Then I don’t want to pay for your road signs southern states, and I don’t want to pay for the first responders when they are responding to the gun violence that only gun owners make possible.
  • Everyone who wishes to own a weapon should have to go through some kind of specialty gun training seminar. This is what they essentially do here in many European countries. Many European men have done military service in conscription armies where they were trained with guns. Though not as popular as they once were, these armies are still an important part of a number of European countries, many of which boast some of the lowest levels of gun violence in modern history.
  • Some notice should be sent to a local precinct each time someone buys thousands and thousands of bullets. An agent should then be sent out to just have a short face-to-face with the buyer of such a large quantity of bullets to make sure that the individual is stable. Oh, is that harassment? You know what I find harassing? Waking up every stinking morning and reading about another mass shooting. Seeing people in the public parks where I would like to take my child to play waving around their guns and making it an unsafe place for my child and all children.
  • Carrying guns off one’s own property should be illegal unless one’s gun is in a locked box and is going into the trunk of the car so it can be taken to a shooting range or a forest where hunting is legal, then afterwards put back in the locked box in the trunk for the trip home.
  • I would love a world where not adhering to these safety precautions for society was punishable by a minimum of five years in prison.
  • Automatic weapons should be banned.


It seems clear in an age when the right wing fundamentalist crazies never seem to shut up that it doesn’t take a gun to kill. All you need is a microphone and a podium and some good old fashioned hate to cause the deaths of massive numbers of American citizens. It seems to me that those who preach hatred  and breed fear are never held accountable for their violent rhetoric. Instead, we see the “wrath of God” rained down on idiots like Anthony Weiner, who didn’t even show his penis uncovered in photographs. Americans are dropping dead like flies and hate crimes are on the rise because of the words of a few wealthy God loving fascists, who are never called to account for their violence inciting speech. What kind of a world do we want to live in? It won’t come to be if the only ones taking action are those that are shooting people in movie theaters, talking hate out of their asses, and inciting violence against those who don’t accept their Jesus, guns, and oil. Though I should hope, and will go so far as to insist that the action from our  liberal side never stoops so low as to be full of violence and hate. Instead we should be full of hope for a tomorrow in which guns are under control, and we all have our heads screwed on straight again.  I hope for a world where those preaching hate get shut down for incitement to violence, which is actually not protected as free speech.

The Dems have not only left me as they move further and further to the right. They have become such a party of pussies, I am voting for Jill Stein, though it will break my mother’s heart and it will rock me to the core as my family has voted Democrat religiously for the last four generations. I am hoping Jill, will have the balls the Dems have clearly lost on top of the car roof where they seem to have been neutered right beside Seamus Romney. I am now willing to give Jill a chance to end the violence. Because—pardon the pun—for God’s sake, the violence must be ended. It is apparent to anyone with eyes and ears, the Dems can not be bothered to speak up or take a stand on the issue of violence against their own voter base, or really on any other issue. They sit there, talking about fighting while doing nothing but rolling over and playing dead so that the right wing fundamentalist lunatics of the Tea Party, can bounce up and down on their stomachs, like it is some kind of party in one of those rubber air-filled castles at a state fair. No, I don’t see you fighting. I am going to give my money to Jill Stein instead, because you Dems, are just going to use it to make the too-big-to-fail banks even bigger while a bunch of crazies lurk in local parks menacing my children with guns.

I wish the right wing fringe nut jobs such as Sarah Palin would keep in mind the reality of just who it is threatening and menacing people in the public parks when she goes on Hannity to tell him how Obama, is leading an aggressive group of folks to “attack.” Because from where any sane person with eyes sits, it is quite clear who is attacking whom. Just consider who shot Congressman Giffords. Look who just killed and injured members of a Sikh temple, who committed  what was probably a hate crime at a mosque in Missouri. Even the shooter at the Batman movie was a member of some church or other. Look at who sits in our public parks with guns while we ever so carefully walk on egg shells around them. They are never going to be satisfied. Nothing we can do to give them what they want will ever be sufficient. We have lost far too much ground; we have nothing left to stand on, while our party has surrendered to violent lunatics; and Sarah Palin wants to talk about  the right being under attack? Really? Isn’t it time to hold these maniacs accountable for their words and their violent and aggressive behavior? If Obama won’t do it, then maybe Jill Stein will. Obama has had four years to do it. All he has done is played patty-cake with them so far while making grand speeches to those who put him where he is. I hear him: it isn’t all his fault, still, he could have done more. He should have been tougher on these people. He should have done so many things and he always had the executive privilege. But, no, though other presidents have used it before to lash out against the other party he won’t use it to bring the country back into balance. Fine. I am voting for Jill Stein, maybe she will.

ByRahul Annabathula

A Message To All Those Still On The Fence

The proverbial seesaw that is the presidential election is nearing its tipping point. For those of you who have found your seats, good for you. However, our next president will not be determined by you. Rather, it’s the folks who are still standing, the ones who haven’t found the perfect seat, who will choose our Commander and Chief.

The term “independent” is a bit vague for me. As a seventeen-year old, my mind automatically jumps to independence from paternal pressures. Politically speaking, though, an independent is any individual who doesn’t affiliate themselves with a certain political party. Although they don’t fall under a particular banner, independents are just like everyone else. They’re just average Americans trying to make the best living that they possibly can. And just like every other American citizen, they have been given a very powerful right, the right to vote.

Don’t get me wrong, an independent’s vote is no more powerful than your own. All our votes are counted the same, regardless of party allegiance. However, a couple million independent votes can drastically tip that seesaw. The best political strategists from both sides know how very important these people are. Campaign ads from either side are directed to winning the support of these individuals. And I, too, thought I would take some time to and reach out to some of these game changers.

My message to you will be short, sweet, and to the point. Your independence, your right to abstain from all appearances of a political party is a testament to the freedoms bestowed upon all of us by our Constitution. In November, do you really want to vote for the party whose only agenda is for you to conform to their ideologies? Do you really want to vote for a party who placates the “one percent” and leaves everyone else out in the cold? And for our female independents out there, do you really want to vote for a party who wants control over the rights of your own bodies? Or are you going to vote for the party whose only agenda is equality for all individuals? A party who believes that every person should pay their fair share. A party whose only allegiance is to the American people.

ByMichael Jeter

How I got here, or Non servire corporations

Every human has many identities, and we privilege certain identities according to what society allows and what we wish to emphasize. These identities, and what we emphasize among them may change over time, though some things are constant.

A Black person may not consciously emphasize her Blackness, but in a community with a history of racism, her blackness may be emphasized by others.

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ByGarrett Riley

(Per)Version Politics

While I would like to discuss this as a current trend in the political environment, the perversion of national or state politics by the religious right is a recurring theme throughout the history of the United States.  The fact that the religious right will mobilize and demobilize itself depending on the perceived religiosity of the nation should bring hope to those who currently find the religious right reprehensible and dangerous.  They are not historically, a continuously politically mobilized force in this nation. Nor have they always been the most vocal group of American Christians throughout history.  Garry Wills, himself a liberal theologian in Head and Heart: A History of Christianity in America points out that at times often associated by the religious right to be inherently Christian, were quite the opposite.








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Romney Was For It Before He Was Against It

Romney Gay RightsMr. Romney hasn’t always been anti-gay equality, in fact at one time he claimed to be “better than Ted [Kennedy] for gay rights” before he had to shift positions to appeal to the right-wing social conservatives of hit party. Tax returns not withstanding, his record on this issue goes back to the mid-nineties when he lost a Senate bid to Ted Kennedy where it openly tells the story of a much more progressive Romney.

Here’s a shortlist of issues Romney has changed positions on:

Global Warming
Assault Weapons
Auto Bailout

Source: The Washington Post

What we have not seen from Mr. Romney is a firm stance on a single position. It will change with the political breeze and he makes no bones about it, one must wonder how people can support a candidate who will not reliably stand up for what they believe in.



Birth Control and Abortions

If you are in the Catholic church birth control and abortions are both no no’s, never mind that one leads to the other. The point is in God’s eyes you should not have sex until your are married, unless you are a nun or a priest in which case you are expected to fight your body’s natural urges and occasionally unload in your bed while you sleep. How hard do you have to pray to stop wet dreams?

Low income teenagers who lack both the proper education and rich enough parents to send them to a Catholic school may see things a little differently. This being the case, how do we instill abstinence into teenagers without a nun to slap down those boners with a ruler? Well, you can take away any access to birth control, that will teach them a lesson they’ll never forget, at least for the next 18 years as the state relentlessly chases down the father for child support.

3% of what Planned Parenthood deals with is abortions. Leaving over 90% preventative care, that includes birth control, cancer screenings and overall healthcare for low income men and women. Giving a woman the right to choose what she does with her own body is condemned by the Catholic church, if they could just think for themselves then men wouldn’t have to tell them how to deal with a baby after getting them pregnant.


Fox News viewers are real patriots

In response to stories like Hurricane Irene or the DC quake on the Fox News web site, viewers took the opportunity to voice their opposition to Obama and his socialist policies. Many readers expressed concern over Obama’s vacation from the basement of their moms house, known for their patriotism these comments reflect what real Americans think.

“If anyone could make the whole eastern seaboard tremble it’s Obama” exclaimed one patriot, said another “that’s the rumble of Obama’s Marxist troops coming for your guns!” Did Obama blame George W Bush for the damage done to the Washington monument? Whose “fault” is it? Fox News viewers want to know.

Sometimes opinions alone cannot fully convey the point of how these patriots really feel. With a lot of time on their hands due to Obama’s job killing agenda researching sites like drudgereport, newsmaxx and to cite non-partisan facts on global warming, ACORN and Planned Parenthood’s “90% of what they do is abortion” only serve to bolster their credibility.