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Are you interested in blogging with PoliticalGroove?

PoliticalGroove gets thousands of views a day, our primary drivers are Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Some articles may also be featured on our Teabonics Facebook page

We also offer a free platform for your political opinions/news to be published out to those who share your progressive point of view. See some of our current bloggers for examples.

Free & Easy


Before you are able to post, you need to be registered and logged in. It’s free and easy, start here 


Once registered, you may begin posting immediately by either clicking on the + New on the top menu bar or choosing Posts > Add New from the menu on the left.

Adding a graphic to your post will always get it more views, look just above the post box under the title for this icon which will allow you to upload, this is highly recommended.

Please note: Though posts without a graphic may be shared to the ‘Opinions’ section, it is required for for any other area. Posts without an image will get little to no traffic.

Choose your category (from the box on the right) carefully, in most cases it will go under the opinion or politics categories. Only breaking and relevant news will be approved for the “News” category.


An administrator will receive a notification once your post is submitted, upon approval your post will be published to the site.

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