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America’s Israel Problem

“Our foreign policy should be based on a two-thousand year-old text,” said NO SANE PERSON ever.

America has a problem in Israel.

Wait, let me rephrase that. Israel has become a problem for America.

On the one hand, we give Israel $3 billion every year with no strings attached. Why? Because many fundamentalists in this country believe that Israel is the Holy Land, it will be where Jesus lays waste to the armies of evil when Judgment Day comes. This is not an exaggeration. American Christian fundamentalists truly believe Israel can do no wrong and to NOT help that country and do everything it wants is tantamount to treason.

On the other hand, the CIA admits that Israel is the greatest counter-intelligence threat in the Middle East. It ranked below Libya. And these are no isolated incidents. Israeli intelligence can and often does pass this information to non-friendly nations, so why do we continue to trust them implicitly, often going so far as to have Romney say he would forcefully defend Israel (read: attack other nations first in the name of the Holy Land).

This is troubling for two reasons. First of all, we’re spending billions on a nation that is actively trying to do us harm. Secondly, we’re doing this in the name of religion. Conservatives make no secret of their unconditional support of Israel. They rant about welfare mothers and the poor looking to the government for help and think such people must be weak for feeling so entitled, but woe is he who raises any doubt about the sanctity and holiness of Israel.

Israel is a country surrounded by enemies, but it’s not without its sins. Any dialogue regarding aid to that nation and our role in the region must take the good and the bad into account. Christian prophecy should play about as much a role as Genesis should play in science classes: zero.

The fact that the Right would welcome a war to kill billions just so they can be spiritually saved should show us the kind of narcissistic sociopaths that make up their leadership and some of their base.

Ten bucks says this news gets ignored or outright attacked in the Right Wing.