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Aug 11, 2020
This morning, I listened to an interview with a representative from the Houston Police Union say what the police did was reasonable Shooting Nicolas Chavez. The man is crawling on the ground, unarmed as far as I know, not complying before he is shot to death by 4 officers. I remember a time not too long ago that when a citizen did not comply with a lawful police order, that they would be physically apprehended. In the age of Covid is this now the standard? Comply or be shot to death?

4 Houston police officers involved in fatal shooting are fired

Police Chief Art Acevedo showed graphic bodycam video, later released publicly, and announced the department's findings into the April 21 shooting of 27-year-old man Nicolas Chavez.

Acevedo said Thursday that Chavez had been incapacitated by multiple Taser cartridges, bean bags and three gunshots before the four officers fired -- after he was down -- a total of 21 shots in the final moments of a 15-minute encounter.

Before the final burst of gunfire, Chavez is seen in video crawling and pulling at wires attached to a police Taser. "Don't do it," an officer is heard saying. The gunfire erupted as he cradled the Taser in his hand.
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Aug 11, 2020
I read more about this guy, and it’s appalling. He gets paid more than the Mayor of Pittsburgh. Think about that for a minute. Defunding the police seems like a good idea if paying this career criminal over $150,000 a year is where the money goes currently.

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