How soon will it be till the bloated yam brags about Putins help in the election?


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Aug 15, 2020
I mean has he slips off the deep end and feels the pressure of loosing will he start welcoming Putins help?


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Aug 14, 2020
Apparently he genuinely needs it, what with his grifters getting grifted,

… a growing mass of pro-(Individual-ONE) PACs, dark money groups and off-brand Facebook advertisers … have pulled in over $46 million so far. The groups mimic (Individual-ONE)’s brand in the way they look and feel. They borrow the president’s Twitter avatar on Facebook pages, use clips of (Individual-ONE)’s voice in robocalls asking for “an emergency contribution to the campaign” and, in some cases, have been affiliated with former (Individual-ONE) aides, such as onetime deputy campaign manager David Bossie. But most are spending little money to help the president win in 2020, POLITICO found.

The unofficial pro-(Individual-ONE) boosters number in the hundreds and are alarming the actual operatives charged with reelecting the president: They suck up money that (Individual-ONE) aides think should be going to the campaign or the Republican National Committee, and they muddy the Trump campaign’s message and make it harder to accumulate new donors, (Individual-ONE) allies say. “There’s nothing we can do to stop them,” said Kelly Sadler, a spokeswoman for America First, the one super PAC authorized by (Individual-ONE).