Picture goes viral of children using Taco Bell’s Wi-Fi to do their homework


Aug 14, 2020
glad kids are getting the help they need
A harrowing photo has gone viral on social media showing two Salinas City, California Elementary School District students sitting outside of a local Taco Bell to capture Wi-Fi to attend their virtual classrooms.

The photo is heaping more attention to the digital divide‘s realities as schools continue with distance learning.
The district acknowledges concerns about internet access for students and told KION it provided an internet hotspot to the family of the two girls and will offer additional hotspots to families in the district.

Thomas Veil

Staff member
Aug 13, 2020
I saw that earlier and it made me sad.

We don't, of course, know on any given street who has broadband and who doesn't, but it'd be nice if some next door neighbors who have strong wi-fi would share their passwords with those who are in need.
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Aug 11, 2020
This was a big problem when I was teaching. The digital divide is real. I was hoping that Google would have provided country-wide broadband by now. Internet is like electricity and water these days, and no one should be expected to make do without it.

I used to tell my kids they could go to McDonald’s after school to get online. But it’s no longer adequate to just provide the internet. They all need computers now. Cell phones alone aren’t enough for 100% online learning. They have nothin.