Poisoning Field Mice (voles)


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Aug 10, 2020
We have h field mice getting into our yard and eating some of the plants. In my area of California every two or three years there's an outbreak of them in the spring and summer, as a result the exterminator companies get a lot of work. They typically setup poison boxes, I'm sure you've seen them where they go in and eat the bait and as a result it kills them.

I have no issues with what others do and I get the need for it, my personal issue with it is that it's surely a horrible way to die. I've looked up how it works and the long and short of it is thins their blood and they bleed out. No matter what the creature is this is a cruel and inhumane way for anything to die, there is no way they don't suffer in some way. I'm a bigger fan of snap traps because it's immediate and that's what we ended up using in the end.

We're also see some that appear to be dying of thirst, trying to suck the bark for any water they can get. These are a few that are left that aren't taking the bait in the snap traps, so we've put out water for them because dying of thirst is also a shitty way to go I'm sure. Anyway, this is just my rant and I know I'm a bleeding heart when it comes to this stuff.
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Aug 15, 2020
Field mice are adorable. When my parents moved into their newly build house about a decade ago they would sometimes get field mice in their house due to an open field being nearby and their house is ground level, no crawl space. That stopped eventually, not sure why.

I don't know what the humane solution is here, but it's always my preference if possible to first make the area(s) they visit less accessible/attractive.


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Aug 11, 2020
Years ago we moved into an older home in NY. It was on a substantial piece of property, and the mice were abundant. The noise drove me insane, and they just appeared everywhere. So we made the mistake of buying glue traps.

The first time a mouse got caught in one I spent an hour trying to dig him free. I was horrified. Needless to say we threw out the rest of the glue traps and learned to live with the mice.