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Aug 10, 2020
We have started off with a bang here, glad to see so many of the same people we've been hanging out with for the last several years helping to get this place off the ground! As we grow, we want to be prepared to have people on hand to assist with managing things, this covers everything from dealing with administrative handling of threads and users to problem posts/users.

Basic Rules
There are standard policies that come with this board software if you want to browse them but as for the rules we just ask that people use common sense. We won't tolerate blatant racism or hate speech, aside from that we want you to feel free to post and share without worrying about heavy moderation, it's not what we're after here. Sparring in threads will happen and we'll allow things to get heated, only stepping in if something is egregious.

Reporting Posts
Posts may be reported but just know it will take a lot for us to act on it, we do not want to encourage a system of reporting (tattling) to catch people on technicalities. If it falls under the categories of strong personal attacks, racism/sexism, or blatant hate speech we'll address. Thick skin will be necessary for the political side of things here but showing respect for others who disagree with you politically will go a long way.

Enjoy yourself
If getting in the dirt with people isn't your thing, consider some of our other forums to hang out in. We have a diverse group of people here who like to chit chat about all kinds of other topics.

Thomas Veil
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