Trump announces alliance with COVID-19


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Aug 10, 2020
Dude, your headlines are hilarious. Yep, if you don't test you can't have cases, it's simple Trump math.
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Thomas Veil

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Aug 13, 2020
From your link:

Fauci contradicted aspects of that, however, in a statement he gave to Sanjay Gupta on CNN. “I was under general anesthesia in the operating room last Thursday and was not part of any discussion or deliberation regarding these new testing recommendations. . . . I am concerned about the interpretation of these recommendations and worried it will give people the incorrect assumption asymptomatic spread is not of great concern. In fact, it is.”
Asked for comment, the CDC referred all questions to HHS. A NIAID spokeswoman confirmed Fauci’s views, noting he had quickly reviewed a version of the guidelines that circulated” before his surgery and “was not struck by the potential implication of this particular change” until he saw the final guidance.
I swear to god, it's like a fucking sitcom over there. "Let's wait until Fauci's under sedation, then we can get away with anything!" 😡

Chew Toy McCoy

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Aug 15, 2020
It's hilarious that Trump supporters are big fans of elaborate conspiracy theories, but when it comes to a simple game of connect the dots with Trump that at most involves 3 dots, most of the time 2, they see absolutely nothing.

If you showed them a video of Trump shooting a black man in the head and asked them what they just saw they would say "A great American." and that would be their complete analysis.
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